Let yourself be carried away in a whirlwind of history !!

Scène de Saint-Genies

A 2 hours night show played by 350 volunteers and 30 horseman spread over 8000m2 of scenery. Punctuated by a bewitching musical band and pyrotechnic effects. Illustrated by monumental projections on the facade of the abbey of Bon-Repos. The scenes lead you into a thrilling show, rich in emotions where the unexpected awaits you. A grand, historic and magical show that has persisted in central Brittany for 35 years.

Grand Thua the sole of bon repos wakes up from his millennial sleep. Fanch and Yffig, everyday characters, are the cause of the trouble. During a fishing trip, they clumsily emptied the lake where the stone giant slept. To repair this accident and find the broken element, Lady firefly, guardian of the sleeping lake and the memory, encourages them to lead a quest through the ages, transporting them from one universe to another. What was broken during this fishing trip? The two friends have the answer...

An original show by Jean Paul le Denmat adaptations by Racines d,Argoat on an original plot and characters of Loïc Baylacq and Xavier Leséche.

Scene 1 : The romans (56 before Christ)
We are in the year 56 before our era. After defeating the rebellion Vénétes at sea the roman legions invaded Armorica a crossing that takes place in pain.

Scene 2 : Conomor the Breton bluebeard (6th century)
In 520 Conomor little lord confined in the Poher dreams of power and glory. The assassination of Trephine, his last wife, will lead the tyrant to his downfall.

Scene 3 : The Red Bonnets (17th century)
June 1675. The people will not accept Colbert’s reforms. After starting at Rennes, the revolt of the red bonnets covers all of Brittany.

Scene 4 : The dream (12th century)
Exhausted by a frenzied hunt, Viscount Alain III falls asleep under the foundations on the edge of the forest of Quenecan. The Virgin appeared to him. She asked him to build an abbey on the very spot where he fell asleep.

Scene 5: The great fair (14th century)
In 1365, when the war of succession in Brittany had just ended, the abbey was booming. The activity of the monks of Bon-Repos is such that the economic spin-offs benefit the whole region and allow the installation of a large fair. But the end of the Breton conflict has demobilized a good number of mercenaries and this prosperity fuels their greed

Scene 6 : The sunken valley (1930)
In construction since 1923, the Guerledan hydroelectric dam is inaugurated on 12th October 1930. 55 million mɜ of water flooded little by little the valley.

Scene 7 : Saint Genies (17th century)
After a succession de Abbots the old monastery falls into ruin. We must wait for the arrival in 1683 of Philippe Alexandre Montault Navailles de Saint Genies who decided to settle down and live at Bon Repos. He considers that the premises of the assembler are unworthy of his person he is going to build new buildings for reasons of prestige.

Scene 8 : The Chouannerie (1791)
The 20-21-22 Nivose in year IV, the abbey then transformed into a factory is ransacked by a hundred chouans.

Scene : 9 Final
Torchlight descent.

Scene from Conomor's wedding